Our Courses

Feeling a little green to the scene? No matter what your experience level is. Our goal is to provide you with the essential knowledge required to maximize your yields. Learn in-store how to cultivate, harvest and enjoy your very own high-grade plants from industry experts and veteran growers. Spots are limited to 8 people per session. Be sure to visit our shop to purchase your spot in our next session before they’re all booked-up.

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Courses and Objectives

  • Introduction into Cannabis

    We provide a fundamental grasp of the keys to successful cultivation. Allowing for an understanding on how plants produce food and how they grow through their natural life cycle.

  • Germination and Seedlings

    Having a strong hold of what dictates a heavy harvest, all starts with genetics, proper care and environment for the first few weeks of your plants life. Learn how to properly germinate your seeds and grow your plants into healthy monsters with huge yields.

  • Vegetative Growth

    This is the most important part of your plants life, it all happens in the vegetative growth cycle. Learn how to clone, train, top, FIM, transplant, pruning skills and so much more…

  • Bloom and Flower

    Become a master in which vital minerals, enhancers and finishers are needed to assist in the full ripening of terpene production. With this info, you’ll be growing huge cola’s and nugs in no time.

  • Flushing and Harvesting

    Learn step-by-step methods used by top level producers to flush harmful stored minerals out of your plants. Learn to fine art of manicuring, drying, curing, packaging and storage.

  • Pest and Disease

    A gardeners worst nightmare! Learn the various diseases, fungi, pathogens, and pest that can invade your garden. Learn how to identify, assess damage, treat, control and address the issue for healthy growing.

List of Resources

Marijuana Grow Bible by Robert Bergman

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Cannabis Lifecycle

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