Garden Sprayer by Rainmaker® 3Gal/11Ltr


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All-purpose garden sprayer by Rainmaker

Introducing the All-purpose garden sprayer by Rainmaker. This product is ideal for herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and many home applications! Firstly, the funnel top opening makes for easy filling. Secondly, the unit comes with a trigger lock used for continuous spraying. Translucent polyethylene for durability and easy viewing of liquid levels. Lastly, carry with the grip handle or use the included shoulder strap. Includes a pressure relief valve and a 3 ft hose.

Make it RAIN

When used with foliar spays such as; Ocean Magic by GreenPlanet, Harvest Miracle, or Overgrow by Optic Foliar This sprayer will assist in providing a full spectrum of NPK, micronutrients as well as a full complement of vitamins, sugars, amino acids, and B1 to further increase growth and supplement further yield increases. Check out the Garden Sprayer in action on our Instagram Site and just imagine the uses and capabilities that too can start enjoying.