Super Fly Insect-Frass Gaia Green 1Kg


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Insect-Frass Excellent Organic Source of Nutrients

Firstly, Super Fly Insect-Frass Gaia Green fertilizer, an excellent organic source of nutrients for plants. Secondly, made from the excrement of black soldier fly larvae, frass is a renewable resource. Produced from pre-consumer food waste fed to fly larvae. Though new to growers, this digested material has played a significant role in plant nutrition for millions of years. SuperFly Insect-Frass Gaia Green is rich in essential nutrients.

What is Insect Frass?

Frass an all-natural fertilizer, & produced through sustainable insect farming. Derived from larvae manure and exoskeletons of black soldier flies. Raised on pre-consumer food waste collected from local grocery stores, produce distributors, and food processors. After harvesting, they are turned into a renewable source of high-value protein for animals and beneficial nutrients for plants. DTE Insect Frass is an excellent fertilizer for all types of plants and shares many of the same traits as other popular organic soil amendments such as bat guano and worm castings.

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