Iluminar 750/600w 120/240 DE HPS


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The ILUMINAR 750W/600W DE offers the most sophisticated technology. Firstly, integrated the first of its kind, single-handed, roll-lock socket. Secondly. delivering ultimate light output, superior uniformity and deeper canopy penetration. Thirdly, the cost of ownership of an ILUMINAR DE-HPS is the lowest on the market by design. The ILUMINAR 750/600 DE-HPS Commercial fixture is an all-in-one fixture. The Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium bulb aimed at smaller footprint environments that still require the benefits of the Double-Ended configuration. Designed with a low shadow footprint and for commercial levels of reliability, the ILUMINAR DE-HPS 750/600W unit stands toe-to-toe with any comparable fixture on the market with all the features you’d expect.