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Grotek Final Flush Removes Bitter Salts From Plants

What is Final Flush? Removes unwanted salts from growing media. During periods of high growth, it is possible for a plant to absorb more nutrients than required. Final FlushTM removes excess salt from the media. Helps plants during the critical pre-harvest period. By removing the excess salt from the roots a plant is forced to metabolize any unconverted salts in its tissues leading to a cleaner end product full of natural tastes and aroma. Can be used for correction mid-cycle. It is possible to add too much fertilizer while trying to achieve maximum yield which can have a negative effect on growing plants. In this case, Final Flush can be used to pull nutrients away from roots giving plants a chance to rebalance.

Correction of Over-Feeding: Feed with only pure water and then add solution on the third day. Repeat a second time if necessary and then resume the normal feed program recommended by the nutrient manufacturer.

Last Week of Flowering: Stop adding nutrients to plants and feed for 1-2 days with pure water, or reduce feed to 1/3 (with no micronutrients, if possible). Then add 10 ml product per 5 liters of water.

Dried Flowers and Herbs: Use the same amount as recommended above.

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