GreenPlanet Medi One 1-Part Nutrient 1Ltr


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GreenPlanet Medi One 1-Part ORGANIC

Firstly, GreenPlanet Medi One 1-Part ORGANIC and the Greenplanet Medi one kit are award-winning, all-in-one, all-natural 100% organic plant food. Secondly, it’s made from all-natural ingredients, and is fantastic on all vegetables, fruits, and flowers! Because Medi One provides everything in one bottle, it’s the best option for growers who want something easy to use.

How it works

GreenPlanet ORGANIC base nutrient formulated for the medical grower.

A fully balanced blend of all-natural ingredients. That produces vigorous growth in the vegetative stage and resinous aromatic flora production in the flowering stage. As well, contains hydrolyzed fish soluble extracts. GreenPlanet Medi One 1-Part ORGANIC Slowly steamed to preserve the amino acids. As well, blended with mined potassium sulfate to provide additional nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Finally, these ingredients increase microbial activity in the growing medium, which helps the plant break down larger organic particles into a size that the plant can easily uptake and use.

Lastly, all of the components within Medi One are carefully assembled to make sure they form a complete and cohesive nutrient source that provides everything the plant needs in all stages of growth. Therefore, going with the GreenPlanet Medi One kit, you the grower will benefit from having everything in one box.


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