GreenPlanet Liquid Weight 4Ltr


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GreenPlanet Liquid Weight

Firstly, an excellent carbohydrate that provides an added energy source for your plants giving you huge impressive flowers and fruits. Secondly, GreenPlanet Liquid Weight beneficial carb sources supports your plant directly. Finally, its food source for the microbial life in the root zone. This product charges the microbial life living within the soil. By using specifically sourced sugars to aid the microbial life.

Your Plants will benefit from:

  • Instant energy for plants
  • Food Source for beneficial microbes
  • Contains a complex blend of carbohydrates
  • Increases resin and essential oil production
  • Great value
  • Protects against plant stress
  • Increases flavor and taste
  • Increases yields

Suited For Any Grow Situation

Use with this amaizng plant food carbohydrate in any grow situation. GreenPlanet Liquid Weight, an excellent clean carbohydrate providing key added energy for your plants just ehrn they need it. This product will give you huge impressive flowers and fruits that are dense and sticky. Assisting the Microbial life that is living in your plants root zone and soil only makes sense. By adding GreenPlanets other plant base nutrients to your regime would also enhance your yield greatly. Some of the other GreenPlanet products that woul assist your grow are: Rezin, MediOne, Ocean Magic, GP3, VitaThrive & Root Builder

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