Grow Bloom Micro GreenPlanet GP3 Nutrient Series 1Ltr. Trio

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GreenPlanet GP3 Grow Bloom Micro

Firstly, this unrivaled GP3 3-part Nutrient System consists of a combination of primary, secondary, and micronutrients in three separate formulas: Grow Micro, and Bloom. Secondly, synthetic dyes are not present in these products. Thirdly, provides more flexibility than a conventional 2-part nutrient system.

The GP3 product is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any feeding schedule and to replace any current three-part system on the market. The formulation contains no carbonates, unlike a number of other products on the market. All ingredients are 100% water-soluble and are immediately available to your plants. This product goes through a rigorous filtration process during production for a super clean product. 100% chelated micronutrients with 3 unique sources of iron designed for a broad range of pH environments. Does not leave heavy salt residue, has a low salt index.

How to use Grow Bloom Micro

GP3 requires Grow, Micro, and Bloom for the best results.

Refer to the GP3 Feed Program for application rates during each stage of plant growth. Mix each product individually into the reservoir, check the PPM, pH and adjust accordingly.

Refer to our ONLINE NUTRIENT CALCULATOR for application rates during each week of plant growth.

CAUTION: Combining GP3 components together in an undiluted form may cause nutrient lockout. Always mix into the reservoir separately. Follow the GP3 Feed Program for the best results. Check out the GP3 Series  in action on our Instagram Site and just imagine the uses and capabilities that too can start enjoying.

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