Green Planet Rezin 4L / 1Gal


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Specialty Fertilizer Booster for Flavor, Aroma, & Essential Oil

Firstly, Green Planet Rezin is an aroma and flavor enhancer. It helps you plants to produce more terpenes, resulting in better extractions. Secondly, formulated to enhance the natural processes within your flowering plants that produce flavor and aroma. Thirdly, Rezin will not impact the ppm/EC of your nutrient solution. Increase resin production. Amplify essential oil and aroma profile of your plants. Visually improve the crystalline appearance of finished flowers. Lastly, Rezin does not contain any plant growth regulators (PGRs) or banned and restricted bio-stimulators.

How Do I use Green Planet Rezin:

1 ml/L (4ml/gal) during the last 2 weeks of the vegetative cycle to prime plants for bloom. 1 ml/L (4mL/gal) during the first 2 weeks of flowering. 2 ml/L (8mL/gal) during week 3 up until harvest. Green Planet Rezin Specialty fertilizer, used as a flavor, aroma, and essential oil booster for flowers and plants grown in soil, soilless, coco coir, hydroponic or any other growing media application

MSDS Report can be found at: Green Planet Rezin Label MSDS 

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