Green Planet Massive Bloom 1Ltr.


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Green Planet Massive

What is it?

Green Planet Massive is an all-natural bloom booster additive. Firstly, it was designed by experts to be the perfect combination of carbohydrates and NPK ratios. Required to push a flowering plant’s natural sugar manufacturing systems. Not only to reach their natural maximum potential but to surpass them. Secondly, key points increase flower size noticeably, increases essential oils and aromatics, increases dry weight substantially. Thirdly, rapidly increases photosynthesis Proper NPK ratios, increases internal floral components, increases resistance to stressors, no artificial dyes or colorants. Lastly, Directions Add at a rate of 5 ml/L (19 ml/gal) to your nutrient reservoir for the duration of the flowering cycle. Adjust the pH as needed. Will elevate ppm levels by an additional 300-400 ppm. Be sure to lower your nutrient levels to compensate as to not experience overfeeding.

How it works

Massive is a comprehensive bloom additive that contains a full array of the elements plants require to produce large, healthy flowers.

Green Planet Massive is formulated with L-form amino acids, a specially formulated vitamin profile, a unique blend of carbohydrates, a chelated mineral profile, and a combination of essential nutrients. These include phosphorus and potassium, which guarantee hefty buds in the time for harvest. This formula also increases and promotes flower size, aromatics, essential oils, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis, CO2 utilization, proper NPK ratios, cell expansion and content, cell wall thickness, floral components, and resistance to stressors. Furthermore, the components in Massive work aggressively to promote, as well as transport vital fluids and cell building materials to the flower sites. This creates truly impressive stacked flower clusters full of aromatic essential oils.


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