Gaia Green Kelp Meal 1.5Kg


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Organic Kelp Meal the Richest Source of Trace Elements

Kelp Meal is one of the richest known sources of biologically balanced trace elements, providing over 70 elements, amino acids, and natural growth stimulants. Particularly high in potash (K), Kelp Meal improves soil structure and water holding capacity. Kelp Meal forms cross-linked organic chelates with nutrients, protecting them from loss by leaching and making them readily available for plant uptake. Many species of seaweed have been used in agriculture and large differences of nutritive values exist among them. As with many natural soil amendments, Kelp Meal continues to provide benefit for years after initial application. SUGGESTED APPLICATION RATES Vegetable & Flower Gardens: First year: 4.5kg /10 m? (10lbs. /100 ft?). Second year: 2kg /10 m?) 5lbs. /100 ft?.) Thereafter: 1kg /10 m? (2lbs. /100 ft?.) Farm: First year: 335kg /ha (300lbs. /acre). Second year: 140kg / ha (125lbs. /acre). Thereafter: 60kg /ha (50 lbs. /acre).

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