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Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer Packs a Punch

A specialty fertilizer is rich in nitrogen and potassium. Firstly, adds microbial activity to your growing medium. Which contributes to improved moisture retention and reduced soil compaction. Also, improves the activity and overall nutritional value of compost, especially when combined with GAIA GREEN Glacial Rock Dust. Therefore, Alfalfa Meal is ideal for all home gardens, landscapes, turf, and a full range of plant types.

Gaia Green Organic Alfalfa Meal is rich in nitrogen and also contains a broad spectrum of important trace elements vitamins and amino acids. It enhances microbial activity which helps to retain moisture while reducing soil compaction. Alfalfa meal is one of the best products, (especially when combined with Glacial Rock Dust), to increase the nutritional value of compost. It can also be composted, mulched, or made into a tea and used as a foliar feed.

Soil Amendment High in Nitrogen & Microorganisms

This fine-milled Alfalfa Meal Soil Amendment affects soil as though you had planted a cover crop. As a legume, alfalfa is naturally high in nitrogen. It also benefits soil microorganisms by helping them convert soil nutrients into soluble forms more available to plants. Finally, alfalfa contains the naturally occurring growth hormone, Triacontanol, which boosts the growth rates of seedlings. Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer makes an excellent mulch for roses and other perennials, as well as a great additive for composts. Recommended application: 5-10kg/10 square meters.

  • Makes an excellent mulch
  • Naturally high in nitrogen
  • Great for roses and other perennials
  • Makes a super compost additive
  • Makes seedlings grow faster

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