Digital Timer Titan Controls Apollo 6


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Perfect Digital Timer & Solution for your Hydro Systems

Firstly, The Apollo® 6 – 24 hr Digital Timer is the perfect timing solution for your hydro systems. Secondly, with a 12 Amp capacity, it’s easy to set to run your pumps, fans, etc. Thirdly, the Apollo® 6 has 96 non-detachable 15 min trippers and can be configured in numerous timing schedules to meet the most demanding timing requirements. One (1) outlet. 15 min intervals. Heavy-duty construction. Easy to use and simple to operate. Enclosure resists dust, rust and moisture. 12 Amps maximum/120 V/60 Hz.


We recommend using the Apollo 4 120 Volt ballast timer to operate digital and electronic ballasts.  Digital ballasts have a huge initial in-rush of power (from 10 to 40 times the input power) when they strike the bulb. This initial power surge wreaks havoc on the timer. The contactors inside the timer are small and can be adversely affected by this power surge. The best answer to this situation is to consider using the Apollo 4 to run your ballasts. It has a relay built into the timer that is intended to handle a power load like this from ballasts.

Also, available in the Speed Bully Speed Controller, or check out the 400W Digital Ballast  & compliment your System with 400W LED Lightspeed Dimmable.

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