Dense GreenPlanet Bud Compactor 500g 1.1Lb


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Dense GreenPlanet Bud Compactor

Dense Bud Compactor GreenPlanet provides potassium in a concentrated convenient form. Firstly, once added potassium increases crop yields and overall quality including shelf life. Secondly, Potassium is an important catalyst in the activation of over 80 different enzymes each with a specific plant function. Lastly, increased amounts of potassium late in flower help to transport sugars and essential oils to the flower sites.

Directions. Use 4-8 grams per 3.8 Litres of water once per week. Use in the last 3 weeks of flowering, allowing at least one week of flush. Hydroponic use 1 gram per litre / 4 grams per 3.8 Litres of nutrient solution.

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