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Balance Your Nutrient Mix TDS EC Meter Calibration

Firstly, TDS EC Meter Conductivity, the electrodes invariably become coated with inorganic or organic impurities. As a result, this causes a loss of accuracy. Conductivity or TDS measurements are used to gauge the total concentration of all salts present in the nutrient solution. These meters do not provide any detail on the individual concentrations of individual nutrients. Learn how to read TDS EC meters and give your plants the best possible chance for maximum yield. Therefore, since a ‘satisfactory’ reading does not imply a balanced nutrient mixture, it is wise to dump every 7-14 days. This is necessary when using salty water because such water causes nuisance chemicals to build up rapidly to toxic levels.

  • For Calibration of Conductivity
  • Calibrates to 2.76mS/cm or cF 27.6 at 25oC (77oF)
  • Contains Potassium Chloride
  • Based on the international (APHA) standard formula

The effect of TDS on your plants and your fish tanks

If you are growing plants, vegetables, or flowers through hydroponics, then total dissolved solids play an important role in providing nutrients to your plants. Two substances often causing high TDS are potassium and nitrates, which are great for your roses. You may have even seen your grandparents putting banana peels at the base of rose plants for the same effect. Flowers should have around 1000-1100, ppm while vegetable plants should have around 900-1000 ppm. Knowing the types of dissolved solids, however, is important when watering vegetable plants. If toxic ions are present, they will be absorbed by the plant.

If you have fish, it is best to keep them in a solution of water with total dissolved solids similar to their natural habitat. High TDS can wreak havoc causing cloudy water and a lack of penetration for sunlight and, therefore, photosynthesis for aquatic plant life. It can also raise the temperature, which can be harmful to some species.

Use with The HM DIgital Com80s, or as a back-up to the HM DIgital PH80s  in combination with and one of the following:

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