Botanicare Vitamino 1Ltr.


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Preserve Balanced Plant Growth and Optimal Plant Health

Botanicare Vitamino developed to preserve balanced plant growth and optimal plant health in accelerated growth environments. Firstly, Botanicare Vitamino uses high-impact supplements including select vitamins and all 20 essential amino acids. Secondly, these supplements act either directly or as cofactors for enzymes that trigger biochemical pathways. Thirdly, commonly used in plant tissue culture and then synthesis of essential macromolecules. Finally, Vitamino, used with any regimen throughout the grow and bloom stages.

Because Vitamino is a vitamin supplement that increases plant performance in hydroponic and soil applications. Designed to deliver exactly what plants need to thrive in accelerated growth environments. Also, Vitamino provides a highly concentrated form of B1.


In nature, plants naturally synthesize these vital compounds from carbohydrates created during photosynthesis and from minerals taken up from the soil or nutrient solution. In accelerated growing environments with high light intensity, CO2 supplementation, and elevated nutrient levels, a plant’s ability to produce these compounds can be strained. Vitamino delivers exactly what plants need to thrive in accelerated environments.

The proprietary blend of ingredients in Vitamino provides nutrients that aid with growth, respiration, and the conversion of light into energy. Vitamin B1 is synthesized in plant leaves and then translocated to areas in need, ie; the stalks, leaves, roots, and flowers. Adding vitamins to plants can help to support the immune system and increase a plant’s ability to produce its own antibodies thus increasing potential yields.


0.06% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, 0.04% Nitrate Nitrogen, 0.004% Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)


Can be used in all phases of growth with any base nutrient or additive, including;

Pure Blend Tea, Seaplex and Hydroguard.

Hydroponic, coco, and soil applications: use 1-2 tsp (5-10 ml) per gallon of water.

For foliar application: use 3 tsp (15 ml) per gallon of water or 2 tsp (10 ml) per 100 sq ft

Use with Hydroplex, Cal-Mag Plus, Rhizo Blast, Sweet, Hydroguard, and Liquid Karma


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