Aquavita Air Stones 4.25"


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Airstone Aqua 4.25

Product Code:1029 The AQUA O2 4.25″ Round Air Stone

A high quality, new and innovative air stone that is sure to bring an entirely new dimension to reservoir aeration. Firstly, this simple, uniquely designed air stone remains stationary in your reservoir. The need for gravel or glue to hold it in place, not needed. Secondly, three attached suction cups allow the user to mount the air stone vertically or horizontally. As well, creating the opportunity to add multiple air stones in a variety of positions to fully maximize the total dissolved oxygen levels within a nutrient solution.

Made from silicon carbide fired at 1300 Celsius, which creates much smaller bubbles than blue ore air stones fired at only 200 Celsius. AQUA O2 Air Stones ensure only the highest quality, most effective oxygen delivery within your nutrient solution possible.”