ActiveAqua Flood and Drain Table Kit


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ActiveAqua Flood and Drain Table Kit

GROW FLOW EBB & FLOW SYSTEM ActiveAqua Flood and Drain Table Kits. Firstly, Grow Flow is the most efficient ebb & flow system on the market. With the Grow Flow’s easy-to-program controller unit, you can pretty much set-it and forget it. And since your pumps are only pumping a short time each day, the system is extremely reliable and effcient. Just set the fill drain cycles and the controller unit does the rest!

Fill/drain combo kit.


  • 1 Active Aqua 1/2″ fill/drain fitting
  • 1 Active Aqua 3/4″ fill/drain fitting
  • 2 Active Aqua extension fittings
  • 2 Active Aqua screen fittings

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