Propagation, Cloning & Root Stimulators. There’s a saying “Happy Roots, yields Happy Fruits”. Shop our Rooting Department for some Fantastic Options in Getting your Plants of Right.

We’re bound to have that the special thing to get your roots jumping! Our great selection of Propagation, Cloning & Root Stimulators have been used personally by our staff before we put them on our shelves. Essential getting our stamp of approval. Call Us Now for all your Marijuana rooting needs.

Propagation, Cloning & Root Stimulators, It’s all in the roots. Plant propagation is the process of creating new plants. There are two ways a plant propagates. Firstly, Sexual, which is when pollen from a male plant, finds a female egg. The union of the two parents creates a new, third plant. Secondly, there is Asexual propagation, this is when we the gardener are responsible for taking part of the plant, called a cutting or clone. And causing it to regenerate itself into a new plant. The clone is genetically identical to the plant it was taken from. This is a delicate point in the plant’s life. Therefore, don’t just go with whatever looks cool or trust just any brand for your Propagation, Cloning & Root Stimulators. Shop hydroponic supplies & discover great deals.

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