Growing Mediums are the Key. There’s a saying “Happy Roots, yields Happy Fruits”. Shop our Hydroponic Growing Mediums, soil, Coir, and soilless options.

Your best choice when looking for garden soil for sale, coco coir in Canada & the U.S. Our great selection of Growing Mediums, Organic & Living Soil for all your Marijuana needs. Call Us Now.

Firstly, It all starts in the growing medium. Some care and planning must be applied when deciding to grow cannabis or anything for that matter. Done to avoid future costly mistakes and let down. Therefore, don’t just go with whatever looks cool or trust just any brand for your growing mediums. Shop our soil, soilless, Peat, Coco Coir, Hydroton, Rockwool, Perlite, Vermiculite, Hydroponic, and living soil & Discover Great Deals. Secondly, we have living soils that come fully charged with Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi, along with NPK nutrient systems geared for vegetative growth cycles, & Bloom Cycles. Also, hydroponic mediums designed for perfect air to water ratios, done so that air can easily reach the root zone. As well, some of the best Coconut Coir in Canada and the U.S. Thirdly, Contact Us for Details online or In-store! Shop Online. Register Online. Before buying the other guy’s Mediums, be sure to check out our Shop.

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