HPS Grow Lights, Ceramic Metal Halide Bulbs, Electronic Ballast, and CMH Grow Lights commonly referred to as HID Lighting. One common question we get all the time. Can a 1000w HPS grow light go with a 400w Electronic Ballast?  Take the guesswork out of it, and buy one of our ready-to-go Grow Light Kit. Shop our Lighting and see why we have the best HID grow lights in Canada and the U.S.

Your best choice for Indoor Hydroponic Lights. We have the lighting option that you need for your indoor grow. Call Us Now.

HPS Grow Lights, Ceramic Metal Halide, Electronic Ballast’s, and indoor hydroponic lights. Come and see why we have the best options for your indoor garden. Our HPS, CMH grow lights or any other type of indoor lighting fixture all come with standard manufacture warranties. When you buy from Grower’s World, you are buying quality and trust.

Why? because of Photosynthesis, the process by which your Cannabis plants turn the light that you provide into chemical energy. Energy, stored within the plant is used to turn various elements, compounds, and minerals into oxygen. Meaning we are trying to best replicate the sun. Some people think that the best are HPS or CMH for their price point, trued past performance, and yield capabilities. No matter the growing set-up you may have on the go or planning to get under-way. Shop our Lighting Department and see what’s in store for you. Find great deals on indoor lighting fixtures.

Secondly, we have a wide selection of electronic ballast, CMH, HPS Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting fixtures and LED. The lighting systems we sell, are all designed to maximize the health of your garden multi-fold.

Contact Us for Details On-line or In-store! Shop Online. Register Online. Before buying the other guy’s Lights, be sure to check out ours. Shop our Indoor Lighting Dept. Offering the very best in prompt delivery.

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