Grow Lights are the single most expensive investment in your indoor growing budget. So let’s keep it real. Do you need LED grow-lights? Possibly a Flourescent light fixture or Bulbs? HPS, Cmh lights? Shop our Lighting and see why we have the best LED grow lights in Canada and the U.S.

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Firstly, Grow lights and Indoor lighting is a big investment. Probably the biggest investment that you’ll make for your indoor growing career. When choosing the best lighting fixture, whether a LED grow light, fluorescent light fixture, HPS, CMH lights, or any other type of indoor lighting fixture you want to make sure you are getting the best grow light for your challenge.

Why? because of Photosynthesis, the process by which your Cannabis plants turn the light that you provide into chemical energy. The energy that is stored within the plant is used to turn various elements and compounds, minerals into oxygen, and compounds high in organic matter. Some people think that the best are LED options because of their versatility and diode life expectancy and power efficiency. Other’s would say HPS or CMH for their price point, trued past performance, and yield capabilities. No matter the growing set-up you may have on the go or planning to get under-way. Shop our Lighting Department and see what’s in store for you. Find great deals on indoor lighting fixtures.

Secondly, we have a wide selection of electronic ballast, CMH, HPS Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting fixtures and LED. The lighting systems we sell, are all designed to maximize the health of your garden multi-fold.

Contact Us for Details On-line or In-store! Shop Online. Register Online. Before buying the other guy’s Lights, be sure to check out ours. Shop our Indoor Lighting Dept. As always our Grow Lights are shipped same-day in Canada offering the very best in  Prompt Delivery.