So it’s that Chronic your looking for? Whether, Organic or Synthetic Fertilizers! We’ve got you! Shop our Organic Fertilizer & Synthetic fertilizer, Microbials, and Beneficial Bacteria.

Your Best choice for Organic Plant Food & Synthetic Fertilizer. Our Great Selection of Soil Amendments, Water-soluble, & time-release fertilizers, Beneficial Bacteria & Microbials Call Us Now.

Firstly, Soil Amendments, Organic plant food, garden fertilizer, or nutrients for growing weed plants are a great way to amend any grow medium. Growing mediums like soil, peat, & soil-less, etc. are all easily amended with our natural fertilizers or synthetic fertilizers, time-release or immediate uptake nutrients all play their own specific role in your garden and help you to achieve your maximum results and yields. usually contain plant nutrients in low concentrations. nutrients need to be converted before plants can use them by bacteria and fungi. Typically making them release more slowly, especially during cold weather when soil microbes are not as active. Shop our Cannabis Nutrients & Discover Great Deals on natural fertilizer for plants.

Secondly, we have a wide selection of organic plant food, garden fertilizers, vegetable garden fertilizer, Starter-kits, beneficial bacteria & beneficial fungi. The Organic plant additives we sell, are all designed to maximize the health of your garden multi-fold.

Thirdly, our selection of synthetic fertilizer is sick. For the most part, when we say Synthetic Fertilizers. We are referring to inorganic compounds. Thing is, in the plant world. Plants can’t tell the difference between organic or synthetic fertilizer. To your plant, the nutrients are the exact thing.

Contact Us for Details On-line or In-store! Shop Online. Register Online. Before buying the other guy’s Organic Nutrients, be sure to check out ours. Shop our Cannabis nutrients. As always our Plant Nutrients are shipped same-day offering the very best in  Prompt Delivery.

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