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Your BEST option for a hydroponics store located in Canada. We have great options for hydroponic, growing cannabis supplies, indoor/outdoor gardening supplies, and wholesale grow equipment, all within our retail storefront located in Whitby, Ontario. Therefore, when searching for a hydroponics store near me, or hydroponics Canada, we are your grow shop. We ship directly from our storefront so you can trust what your getting is backed by great service. We’re not just some anonymous online warehouse brand. Grow Canada in confidence we’re here to help. We work very closely with all of our distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers in order to be able to offer the competitively low prices you see in-store and online. We utilize the industry’s best products, suppliers, and distributors, not only for value, quality, trust, and economic solutions. But, to also be able to get orders into our customer’s hands as quickly as possible and ensure that’s where they stay. Most orders ship from our Whitby location but we also offer in-store pick-up to save on shipping costs and expedite the lead times on orders.


The standard of products, services and solutions we offer, when measured against the competition; is the degree of excellence your plants require.


Let’s get your plant yields up! Our competitively priced products, innovative services, a customer-driven attitude, and a true love for this industry is what you get when you visit Grower’s World.


When your plants require the best brands for your investment, we’ve got you covered. Suppliers don’t trust just anyone with their brands, come see why we carry so many!


  • Google Review

    Jan 23 2021 (Google Review)

Jordan Hicks
Local Guide · 42 reviews · 61 photos
Jan 23/2021 Google Review
Owner was polite and knowledgeable, great place to get all your growing needs at a fair price their products, variety and knowledge alone will make me come back here. Awesome.

  • Fred Anderson

    August 2020 (Google Review)

Fred Anderson
Local Guide · 282 reviews · 64 photos
August 2020
Every grower needs fertilizer and this is a great place to start.

  • Matias Bustos

    Jan 20 2021 (Google Review)

Matias Bustos
Local Guide · 59 reviews · 31 photos
Jan 20/2021
Excellent customer service and product knowledge!

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