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Grower’s World! Online & store front retailer of grow supplies and high-end hydroponic, indoor growing/outdoor garden equipment and grow supplies. Firstly, our products are directed at those consumers that are growing weed or cannabis under the Canadian Cannabis Act. Secondly, from a small domestic grow to commercial scale, we offer a huge range of hydroponic supplies and hydroponic equipment. Including, Hydroponic Lights like; HPS grow lights, CMH grow lights, fluorescent grow lights, LED grow light, electronic ballasts, & HPS/CMH bulbs. Also, we have the best organic plant nutrients, the best synthetic plant nutrients, the best hydroponic nutrients for marijuana. Lastly, we carry environmental controls, plant growing mediums, homegrown hydroponic kits, grow tent, hydroponic garden tools, equipment, DIY hydroponic kits. Making Grower’s World the best hydroponics & indoor growing Canada supplies option available today.

Not only do we offer the best available indoor growing Canada supplies. But, our marijuana growing supplies and equipment are competitively priced. Hydroponic equipment can be costly. That’s why when searching for a hydroponics store near me or hydroponics supplies near me. Grower’s World is dedicated to offering competitively priced hydroponic equipment. We stock brands that are designed specifically to increase the yield of your cannabis garden multi-fold with our weed growing kits. Finally, fantastic prices, unbeatable customer service, prompt delivery system and kick-ass store front makes us the BEST hydroponics store in Canada!

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Grower’s World is Canada’s premier retailer of high-end hydroponic, indoor/outdoor garden equipment and supplies of choice. We stock brands that are designed specifically to Increase the yield of your garden multi-fold. Our unbeatable prices and prompt delivery system makes us the Best Online and Retail Hydroponics Store in Canada.

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